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SCORPION is a device that will greatly improve the way operational units plan & execute missions. It affords fused access to information, rapid delivery of intelligence, and a reliable risk-mitigation approach and cyber protection strategy on the modern battlefield. It is an economically sustainable solution and is ready for immediate implementation within military operations that need to communicate across disparate networks.

The SCORPION Controlled Interface is a Virtual Data Transfer (VDT)™ technology, that enables unidirectional and bidirectional exchange of information across, through, and within, distinct and obfuscated networks. The VDT™ approach protects and isolates each network individually.

SCORPION is a fully integrated computer appliance that ensures secure, uninterrupted, and discreet digital information exchanges between networks. It provides voice, video, and other data transmission across multiple networks for rapid decision-making at the speed of the mission.