Triangle Experience Group is an operations and technical thought leader that builds solutions to optimize collaboration and the exchange of secure information, enabling decision supremacy and mission execution in today's evolving operational theatres.

C4MAP is a suite of battlespace awareness tools that can operate by themselves or in conjunction with an ACES system to provide superior information processing and decision capability.


Advanced Collaboration Enterprise Services (ACES) is a digital infrastructure environment that allow teams collocated in the same building or distributed across the world to interact in real time and work together as effectively as if they were in the same room.

ACES is produced by TEG and is the sole source vendor under contract by the United States Air Force.

SCORPION is a device that will change the way operational units plan & execute missions. It affords fused access to information, rapid delivery of intelligence, enhanced reliability of data throughput and faster mission employment. It is an immediate, economically sustainable solution & ready for widespread implementation for military operations’ use of data throughput shortcomings.

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