C4MAP provides a globally distributed, synchronized, uniform collaborative Ops Center.

  • New value to old money: agnostic of hardware, software, network, or operating system

  • Can distribute interactions with any existing systems to any collaborators

  • Integrates with standalone, virtualized, or pure data stream system

  • Reduced time to mastery: seamlessly integrates with existing mission systems and networks

  • Existing proficiencies carry over and are immediately usable

  • VSS (Video Streaming Service) is a secure, scalable, low impact video streaming solution that enables both C4MAP and generic browser users to access mission critical video streams. The VSS is intended to be easily deployable and simple to expand  

  • RTS (Reach Through Service)  capability leverages common interfaces such as keyboard and mouse and enables simultaneous interactions with any service for all collaborators

  • Operating System of collaboration: unifies access to information at the interaction layer, not the data layer - fusion of information on Single Pane of Glass (SPoG).



Lab Image1.png