The Evolution of C4MAP: TEG's Comprehensive Collaborative Command & Control Mission Application Platform (C4MAP) latest version is a digital infrastructure environment that allows teams collocated in the same building or distributed across the world to interact in real time in a structured workflow as effectively as if they were in the same room.

A C4MAP - powered workspace brings together every tool you need on any device to create, filter, collaborate, and deliver—anytime, anywhere. It unleashes pixel-space between devices and smashes through current technological, collaborative, & cognitive barriers. Synchronizing the view across users from operational centers to front-line commanders ensuring that decisions are made and communicated rapidly.


C4MAP brings new value to old money by coexisting alongside current applications and infrastructures in an organization through seamless interoperability on already existing systems. It will add collaboration to these systems on day one without protracted cross-integration costs.


Teams can share information naturally and instantaneously using a system that from the outset was developed to deal with the unique challenges of Operation Center environments, like disadvantaged bandwidth operations, hardware and software disparities, interagency process differences, and classification control.

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C4MAP is instantaneous and in real-time. Instead of relying on SharePoint file systems, email, and other lethargic network-intensive communication structures, C4MAP clients have the power to interact directly with one another. The Virtual JOC (VJOC) common picture eliminates the ‘hurry up and wait’ plaguing non-real-time systems and ensures that leaders have immediately actionable information.