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Who We Are:

Triangle Experience Group is a collision of smart technology folks and special operation guys.  We built this company with one thing in mind: solve problems for the warfighter.

Three tenants to what we believe:

1.  What ever we build make sure its the best and it works great

2.  Be very responsive to the needs of the user

3.  Be bold and have fun

Our Vision:

TEG envisions national security organizations empowered with decision superiority tools. Getting to that goal requires dedicated, proven experts who comprehensively understand the necessary effort and sophisticated technologies that unleash true collaboration and can exchange secure information.

Our Strategy:

Our business model is unique. We demonstrate that innovation is an economic model by leveraging out-of-the-box thinking with pioneering technologies at historically-low price points. With our small, flat organization that combines agility, adaptability and creativity, we break present-day paradigms and achieve next-generation solutions.

Integrating the right solution is the emphasis. When the right information is shared in real time across organizations regardless of walls or distance then leaders can orient, decide and act more rapidly, achieving tactical and strategic objectives.

TEG’s people are our competitive advantage. We are Tried, Tested, True professionals doing what we love. We creatively develop and apply technical solutions to vastly improve and transform the way organizations operate. We call this winning.